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The difference between a perfect project  

without flaws and an excess of budget 

is in the small details

go quality

Advising and accompanying construction quality processes

Experience Makes the Difference




Meeting timetables and staying within budget – it’s all a matter of quality


Dear contractors and developers, no one wants to meet timetables and stay within budget, complete projects quickly and efficiently and give customers the highest-quality apartments without defects – more than you do.

But aspirations and reality are not one and the same. In many cases timetables are not met, budgets are exceeded, foremen are not coordinated, defects are discovered at the end of the project, customers are unsatisfied and legal claims are filed. 

Things don’t have to be this way! If quality is addressed from the outset, then work proceeds at the appropriate rate, processes are carried out smartly and efficiently and timetables are shortened.

Nowadays customers are more demanding and organized, and contractors understand that if their company does not foster and focus on quality and innovative execution methods - they will be left behind. 

This is why it is important to have someone help you promote quality in the organization and meet the strict quality demands of your customers - ensuring your peace of mind and providing confidence that everything is proceeding as planned. 

This is where we enter the picture.

תהליכי אויכות בבניה
תהליכי איכות בבניה
Someone that advises and accompanies quality processes today – for your peace of mind tomorrow


Go-Quality, managed by Aviv Chapnik, is creating a revolution in the construction market in Israel, offering a unique and first of its kind solution to managing and improving construction quality. 

The company accompanies you all the way, from frame structure, through finishing processes and up to customer delivery, in the aim of enhancing processing efficiency and ensuring you get better and more quality results - preventing future construction defects and saving you significant time and money. 

A winning combination of quality, innovation and striving for excellence 


As a company that upholds commitment to its clients, we place the utmost importance on designing optimal solutions to your needs, ensuring you have a significant advantage over your competitors in the market which can propel your business forward. 

Therefore, we do not only focus on the overall picture – but rather also, and mainly, on the small details.

We examine the construction trades in-depth, verify full coordination between all tradespeople, and improve the process efficiency while engaging in innovative and breakthrough thinking. We challenge existing conventions and prove that through optimal utilization of materials and application of execution methods, a smart sequence of actions and advance planning of future steps, along with our close accompaniment up to the delivery process – we can save you unnecessary costs and headaches the day after, and ensure your customers more beautiful and quality apartments without defects. 


תהליכי איכות בבניה

So start building on satisfied customers

? Who are we

ייעוץ וליווי בתהליכי איכות בבניה

Aviv Chapnik, founder and owner of the company, has over 20 years of experience in the construction area in general and in construction quality and service in particular 


Latest Projects

Tzamarot Dan,  Petah Tikva

This project of 3 residential towers is located in the heart of Petah Tikva, in a new and quiet neighborhood with green parks and a country club. Each of the three 22-floor towers, that dominate the city’s skyline, includes 82 residential units. 

תהליכי איכות בבניה

Bauhaus Tzahala, Tel Aviv

In a prestigious villa neighborhood in north Tel Aviv, a beautiful real estate project in the Bauhaus style is under construction. The spacious garden and roof Bauhaus apartments, immersed in lush landscaping, offer 16 families (only!) a rare residential experience - 360° of prestige and pampering. 

תהליכי איכות בבניה
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