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go quality

The difference between a perfect project  

without flaws and an excess of budget 

is in the small details

Aviv Chapnik – Experience Makes the Difference


Aviv Chapnik, founder and owner of the company, has over 20 years of experience in the construction area in general and in construction quality and service in particular.


Aviv gained extensive expertise handling and addressing engineer reports and customer legal claims in construction projects during the many years he worked with a leading engineer, Refael Gil.

At the Tidhar Group Aviv conducted quality and safety audits and developed quality management procedures, contributing to the company’s receipt of the national quality award. He also managed the company’s Customer Service Department, recognized as a leader in its field and a 4-time winner of the Israeli Center for Management service competition.

Aviv also served as manager of the Quality Department at the Ortam-Malibu Group.


As the CEO of Go-Quality, Aviv brings the extensive experience and knowledge he acquired, including expertise in standards, combined with love of the quality field that flows in his veins and his uncompromising commitment to quality – all in the aim of providing you peace of mind, alleviating your worries and concerns and ensuring your customers a perfect apartment without defects.

So start building on satisfied customers

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